II believe that the ceremony should be about the couple. I am here to help you create a ceremony that will show your love and devotion to each other. The ceremony will take anywhere between 15 to 25 minutes from start to finish. Of course adding a reading or unity ceremony will increase the time to the 25 minute mark.

I will be available to meet with you and your fiancé to ensure that I fit your vision and we can put faces to names. We could meet at my home in Goderich if you wish. I know time is at a premium and we can do this via email if you like, Facetime or even Skype.

As far as the fee is concerned, The Town of Goderich sets the fee at $350 plus HST (395.50). I do not charge mileage (unless the wedding is outside of Huron County and then I charge 45 cents / km), I do charge $100 for a rehearsal. I will make myself available to you during your planning, in person, by phone or email. I can’t answer all your questions but I can help you both find the answers. There are no hidden fees and I don’t take a deposit once a couple books me I just reserve the time.

Together we can design a wedding that will be a beautiful event, remember this is your wedding, anywhere, your way!

I am also available for Wedding Vow Renewals.



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